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Celebrate convenience and style with our Chlorinated Latex Pocket Bib for adults. Redefine your latex collection, streamline your daily attire, and radiate sophistication and charm. Don’t overlook this exceptional chlorinated edition. Get your hands on this bib today and elevate your experience in the world of latex fashion.





Latex Clothing – Chlorinated Chlorinated Latex pocket bib for adults

Introducing our avant-garde Chlorinated Latex Pocket Bib for adults—a harmonious blend of convenience, style, and innovation. More than just an accessory, this bib represents a paradigm shift in latex fashion, catering to those seeking both functionality and allure.

Crafted from premium latex and refined through a specialized chlorination process, this apron offers a luxurious, velvety touch against your skin, eliminating the need for lubricants or powders. Slip into this apron effortlessly and experience unparalleled comfort entwined with sophisticated elegance.

A one-of-a-kind accessory designed to fit all sizes seamlessly.
The 0.40mm thickness of the chlorinated latex ensures resilience while contouring to your form, creating a fusion of style and comfort.

A unisex masterpiece, this bib invites all enthusiasts into the captivating world of latex fashion. Whether for daily wear or to stand out at an event, our Chlorinated Latex Pocket Bib epitomizes individuality and contemporary style.

Furthermore, akin to the versatility of our latex apron, this bib serves a dual purpose—it’s perfect for both playtime or cooking.
Embrace this distinctive piece that not only complements your outfit but also defines your exclusive fashion identity.

For Basic non-chlorinated version of this apron at: latex pocket bib for adults

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Black, Red, White, Lilac, Pink, Metallic Purple

Trim Colour

Black, Red, White, Lilac, Pink, Metallic Purple


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