Chlorinated Latex Morticians Apron


Latex Wear – Apron

Immerse yourself in the convenience and comfort offered by our Latex Morticians Apron. This indispensable addition streamlines your professional attire while exuding an air of sophistication and practicality. Don’t miss this extraordinary piece – acquire your apron today and unlock a new level of professional elegance and functionality.




Latex Clothing – Chlorinated Latex Morticians Apron

Experience the ultimate in convenience and elevated comfort with our Chlorinated Latex Morticians Apron, an indispensable addition to your professional wardrobe. This exceptional apron seamlessly combines style, durability, and effortless wear, enhancing your daily routine.

Crafted from premium latex and subjected to a specialized chlorination process, our Chlorinated Latex Morticians Apron offers a smoother surface and a luxurious feel against your skin, eliminating the need for messy lubricants or talc powders. Slide into this apron with ease, appreciating both practicality and comfort.

This apron comes in two lengths, with options of 30 inches/76cm or 39 inches/99cm, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your needs.

Perfect for everyday use or making a statement at any occasion, our Chlorinated Latex Morticians Apron embodies individuality and contemporary flair.

Embrace this unique piece that not only accentuates your outfit but also articulates your distinctive fashion statement

For Basic non-chlorinated version of this apron at:  latex morticians apron

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30 inches/76cm, 39 inches/99cm


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