Chlorinated Latex 3 Piece Lisa’s set


Latex Wear – Dress

  • The Chlorinated Latex Rubber Three Piece Lisa’s set includes:
  • Crafted from high-quality latex rubber (0.40mm thick)
  • Each piece offers a unique blend of style and sensuality
  • Available for individual purchase
  • Buying the set saves money and ensures a cohesive look
  • If you are not sure about your size, chose the “Made to Measure” option from the size menu.
  • Add Vivishine latex Polisher for perfect shine


Latex Clothing – Chlorinated Latex 3 Piece Lisa’s set

Chlorinated Latex 3 Piece Lisa’s set consist of latex top, skater skirt and a nurse belt:

  1. Latex top:
  2. Latex skater skirt:
  3. Heavy Rubber Latex nurse belt
  4. For no chlorinated version of the outfit refer to: Latex Rubber 3 Piece Lisa’s set – Latex Clothing UK London
  5. Black Belt-1.05mm thick latex

All of these latex garments can be purchased separately, but it is nice to have the whole set and save the money too.

Latex thickness: 0.40mm

The Latex Rubber Three Piece Lisa’s set offers a sleek and stylish ensemble for those who appreciate the distinctive look and feel of latex clothing. This set includes three key pieces:

  1. Chlorinated Latex Top: This form-fitting vest top is crafted from high-quality latex rubber, providing a shiny and smooth texture that hugs the body comfortably. The design exudes a bold and sensual appeal, making it suitable for various occasions.
  2. Chlorinated Latex Skater Skirt: The skater skirt is another essential component of this set, offering a flared silhouette that accentuates the waist while providing freedom of movement. Made from the same premium latex rubber material as the top, it complements the overall look with its sophisticated charm.
  3. Heavy Rubber Nurse Belt: Adding a touch of allure and intrigue, the heavy rubber nurse belt serves as a striking accessory to complete the ensemble. Its bold design features add an element of edginess to the outfit, enhancing its overall visual impact.

Each piece of this set can also be purchased separately, allowing for versatility in styling options. However, acquiring the entire set not only ensures a cohesive look but also presents an opportunity to save money.

With a latex thickness of 0.40mm, these garments offer durability and resilience while retaining their distinctive latex characteristics. Whether worn together as a complete ensemble or mixed and matched with other pieces, the Latex Rubber Three Piece Lisa’s set is sure to make a statement wherever it’s worn.



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